Can you say w00t?

The New Zealand iTunes Store is finally open!!

As an iPod user and Rhino movie music fan I’ve been waiting for this for nearly 2 years. Apple have been very cagey about it’s launch and I remember an article about a year ago where it seemed unlikely to happen for a very long time.

It’s exciting for several reasons.  Obviously one is the fact that this is totally legal and any track will go on my iPod.. with other NZ download services they will not convert to the form.  It’s also cheaper than I thought it was going to be at $1.79 per track.

So today I’ve whipped my VISA card out of my wallet and signed up to download a few tracks. I’ve downloaded four tracks – all of them Rhino records ones.  I’m going to have to behave and just download a few a day / week / month.


Finally finally FINALLY!

So Dr Brash finally resigned…

He’s 99% of the reason why I didn’t vote for the National Party at the last election (the other 1% I attribute to living in West Auckland for a few years).  I got so sick of just about anything that he said lied about to the media.  After awhile it was like… now what gaffe or fib will finally convince him that he should just quit?

It’ll be interesting to see if the new leader has enough charisma to take them to victory in the 2008 election.

A knife… where?

Knife lodged in face ‘felt like a punch’

I love reading the crime news pages, especially on (although this link wasn’t from there) .  Just to see who’s been sentenced to prison this week hehe.  But I’m still baffled about how this one could happen.  I’m sure that if there was knife embedded in my face I’d know about it straight away…