The stove was tripping the light fantastic.

The element in the oven once again got its revenge on non domestic-goddess me, but this time there were no fingers or oven mitts involved.  I heard this awful noise and looked in the window to find a small fire going on in the top.  The whole stove is staying switched off until the repairman I looked up in the Yellow Pages is coming to fix it tomorrow.I could have cooked something without it…. ummm probably not if I wanted to eat any vegetables. I had to ring my mother at work and leave a message on her voicemail asking if I could come for dinner.  I must have sounded completely insane.  And I knew the only way she’d turn me down is if my parents were going out for dinner.  I love my family.

I also hope the repairman doesn’t try to overcharge me.   I want to spend the money I (still)  have on more interesting things.  Like maybe a few music tracks from iTunes if the rumours are true.


It only took two weeks and three days…

But I finally managed to burn my fingers in the oven.  This time on the element at the top.

Check out the burn hole on my oven mitts!


And to make matters worse I had made dinner for my mother and sister as we were going to a store opening.  They had to clean up my kitchen and do the dishes, I had to take a handbag containing a plastic bag with ice and a flannel.  It must have looked weird with me there with my hand constantly in my handbag.

(This blog entry was brought to you by my painful left hand and my Sanyo 6600 cameraphone.)