That has to be my “three” of things that break.

First it was the ADSL modem, then it was the stove. And to complete the trio of pricey and/or downright frustrating mishaps was my car.  Actually when it comes to my car… this is the unexpected repair bill too (this year).

I was running some errands, and my car was making a horrible noise that steadily got worse.  So I drove it to Midas while praying that it wouldn’t break down on the way.   Where I was greeted by Brian trying to crack a joke about me coming to see him again.  And the eventual bad news that I was going to yet have another repair bill.

My car is getting old. I’ve had it for five years and probably would have thought about replacing it by now if I didn’t have a financial noose around my neck mortgage.  It’s not entirely off the agenda but I will have to save some money and pay extra off my principal now to get it.

  •  Maybe I should just tithe 10% of my salary direct to his bank account to cover repairs.
  • Or I should try harder to win either a new car which of course is the lazy way of getting one.

Either way, I think I have to add Brian to my christmas card list.


the neighbour who thinks he’s a karaoke god.

I’ve had to add a new number to my address book…. on both of my cellphones. NOISE CONTROL. Around 3am on Saturday morning, I woke up to my neighbour’s extremely loud stereo. I have no objections to his ear-damaging antics until about midnight, but this was ridiculous. And I swear if he ever does this again… all friendly neighbourly relations will be thrown out the window.

By the time I got to work, I’d been awake for seven hours and felt like I’d been hit by a bus. Thanks to the coffee I don’t normally drink and general wonderings about a command performance, I didn’t really sleep well last night either.

I wonder if I hand him one of my CD’s, would he play it next time?

Or would he appreciate a pair of stereo headphones sneakily stuffed into his mailbox?