Vaccuum cleaner shopping.

Yesterday I realised I’d better go vaccuum cleaner shopping. I have been borrowing my sisters and my parents ever since I moved in here, but I got sick of driving around to pick it up (and take it back) really quickly.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with them. As a kid, I wouldn’t go near one…. and who wouldn’t when all they had was the upright Hoover models? I saw them in one store yesterday and they still gave me the creeps. I remember it as being heavy, noisy and it reminded me for some reason of a snake.

Eventually I just gave up and went to The Warehouse. I got one of those bagless ones for a pretty good price. They had a 30% discount if you bought 2 or more appliances so I bought the cheapest appliance I could find (when I am reasonably confident I will never use), and got $30 dollars of. It would have been a great time to buy a new microwave, that’s for sure.

Now for my next mission. To plug it in… and turn it on…


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