the neighbour who thinks he’s a karaoke god.

I’ve had to add a new number to my address book…. on both of my cellphones. NOISE CONTROL. Around 3am on Saturday morning, I woke up to my neighbour’s extremely loud stereo. I have no objections to his ear-damaging antics until about midnight, but this was ridiculous. And I swear if he ever does this again… all friendly neighbourly relations will be thrown out the window.

By the time I got to work, I’d been awake for seven hours and felt like I’d been hit by a bus. Thanks to the coffee I don’t normally drink and general wonderings about a command performance, I didn’t really sleep well last night either.

I wonder if I hand him one of my CD’s, would he play it next time?

Or would he appreciate a pair of stereo headphones sneakily stuffed into his mailbox?


2 Responses to “the neighbour who thinks he’s a karaoke god.”

  1. SubWolf Says:

    What an ass! Yeah, up to midnight is one thing, but 3am? Grrrr. ATTACK!

  2. Peach Says:

    Must mail you a Sam bat …

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