Well my first attempt to cook dinner in my oven for others went well. I only smashed a glass lid, turned on the wrong element, fished eggshells out of the mixing bill and switched the oven on a bit too late. At least I didn’t burn it :).

I’ve been trying to decide what to tackle first. There are so many things that I want to do! A lot of the immediate things have been furniture-related. I managed to get a bigger TV off my sister and all of the kitchen cupboards are now back on the cupboards. There are a couple of things I really want to do in the lounge, like remove the shelf which my phone + wireless router sit on (and replace it with something more functional), as well as this cupboard which is attached on the wall.

One thing that has bugged me is the TV reception – it’s not that great. So I’m getting SKY installed in a few weeks (I wanted a bit of time before I had to pay the connection fee)…. and that means for the first time in over two years I’ll be able to watch TCM whenever I like!

Now for my next mission… to get at DVD recorder for all of those fabulous old movies.


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