Not a domestic goddess

I officially became a homeowner on Wednesday November 15, but I moved in 5 days before that. Well the bank owns more of it than me. At least the sale is done… it was extremely stressful for me.

So far I’ve been a lousy domestic goddess. Actually the word klutzy comes to mind.

– I’ve been told I’m a hoarder. I got rid of a few things but now I want to get rid of more. I may become a trademe addict after all… something I’ve wholeheartedly tried to avoid.

– On moving day I managed to lock myself out of the house. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long but it doesn’t stop me putting my housekeys in my peg basket .

– I still don’t know how I managed to switch off the hot water on Tuesday. I was having visions of thousand dollar hot water repair bills in my head until I realised all I had to do was switch it back on.

– I only have a 50% success rate at DIY. I managed to get the ugly paper towel rack off the wall but the old toilet seat will not come off.

– I’ve either undercooked or overcooked every meal I’ve made so far.

– I’ve lost my keys and wallet one million billion times over.

Hopefully next week will be better!


One Response to “Not a domestic goddess”

  1. SubWolf Says:

    Hee, the trials and tribulations of a new home. Great stuff.

    Get some cans of beans & bread for toast, hard to mess those up. 😉

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