Vaccuum cleaner shopping.

Yesterday I realised I’d better go vaccuum cleaner shopping. I have been borrowing my sisters and my parents ever since I moved in here, but I got sick of driving around to pick it up (and take it back) really quickly.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with them. As a kid, I wouldn’t go near one…. and who wouldn’t when all they had was the upright Hoover models? I saw them in one store yesterday and they still gave me the creeps. I remember it as being heavy, noisy and it reminded me for some reason of a snake.

Eventually I just gave up and went to The Warehouse. I got one of those bagless ones for a pretty good price. They had a 30% discount if you bought 2 or more appliances so I bought the cheapest appliance I could find (when I am reasonably confident I will never use), and got $30 dollars of. It would have been a great time to buy a new microwave, that’s for sure.

Now for my next mission. To plug it in… and turn it on…


It only took two weeks and three days…

But I finally managed to burn my fingers in the oven.  This time on the element at the top.

Check out the burn hole on my oven mitts!


And to make matters worse I had made dinner for my mother and sister as we were going to a store opening.  They had to clean up my kitchen and do the dishes, I had to take a handbag containing a plastic bag with ice and a flannel.  It must have looked weird with me there with my hand constantly in my handbag.

(This blog entry was brought to you by my painful left hand and my Sanyo 6600 cameraphone.)

the neighbour who thinks he’s a karaoke god.

I’ve had to add a new number to my address book…. on both of my cellphones. NOISE CONTROL. Around 3am on Saturday morning, I woke up to my neighbour’s extremely loud stereo. I have no objections to his ear-damaging antics until about midnight, but this was ridiculous. And I swear if he ever does this again… all friendly neighbourly relations will be thrown out the window.

By the time I got to work, I’d been awake for seven hours and felt like I’d been hit by a bus. Thanks to the coffee I don’t normally drink and general wonderings about a command performance, I didn’t really sleep well last night either.

I wonder if I hand him one of my CD’s, would he play it next time?

Or would he appreciate a pair of stereo headphones sneakily stuffed into his mailbox?

Finally finally FINALLY!

So Dr Brash finally resigned…

He’s 99% of the reason why I didn’t vote for the National Party at the last election (the other 1% I attribute to living in West Auckland for a few years).  I got so sick of just about anything that he said lied about to the media.  After awhile it was like… now what gaffe or fib will finally convince him that he should just quit?

It’ll be interesting to see if the new leader has enough charisma to take them to victory in the 2008 election.

Start spreading the word….


“At Microsoft we strive to appear loveable, friendly and helpful…. because our antitrust ruling conditions forces us to do so”.

This site is too funny. For a few minutes I took it seriously…. until I saw the about page. But if it were true… wouldn’t Bill Gates be rubbing his hands together in glee? He’d have around 99% of the browser market once again.

I’ve used Firefox for a few years now. I’ve got a few gripes about how it is a memory hog and a couple of things that I made use of in the older versions have changed in 2.0. But in comparison to IE7…. well IE7 doesn’t compare. I can’t find a damn thing in there anymore so I prefer to use the firefox add-on which allows you to switch the browser tab to IE. Heh.


Well my first attempt to cook dinner in my oven for others went well. I only smashed a glass lid, turned on the wrong element, fished eggshells out of the mixing bill and switched the oven on a bit too late. At least I didn’t burn it :).

I’ve been trying to decide what to tackle first. There are so many things that I want to do! A lot of the immediate things have been furniture-related. I managed to get a bigger TV off my sister and all of the kitchen cupboards are now back on the cupboards. There are a couple of things I really want to do in the lounge, like remove the shelf which my phone + wireless router sit on (and replace it with something more functional), as well as this cupboard which is attached on the wall.

One thing that has bugged me is the TV reception – it’s not that great. So I’m getting SKY installed in a few weeks (I wanted a bit of time before I had to pay the connection fee)…. and that means for the first time in over two years I’ll be able to watch TCM whenever I like!

Now for my next mission… to get at DVD recorder for all of those fabulous old movies.

Not a domestic goddess

I officially became a homeowner on Wednesday November 15, but I moved in 5 days before that. Well the bank owns more of it than me. At least the sale is done… it was extremely stressful for me.

So far I’ve been a lousy domestic goddess. Actually the word klutzy comes to mind.

– I’ve been told I’m a hoarder. I got rid of a few things but now I want to get rid of more. I may become a trademe addict after all… something I’ve wholeheartedly tried to avoid.

– On moving day I managed to lock myself out of the house. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long but it doesn’t stop me putting my housekeys in my peg basket .

– I still don’t know how I managed to switch off the hot water on Tuesday. I was having visions of thousand dollar hot water repair bills in my head until I realised all I had to do was switch it back on.

– I only have a 50% success rate at DIY. I managed to get the ugly paper towel rack off the wall but the old toilet seat will not come off.

– I’ve either undercooked or overcooked every meal I’ve made so far.

– I’ve lost my keys and wallet one million billion times over.

Hopefully next week will be better!