Slowly freaking out.

I’m almost a homeowner.  And it’s driving me nuts.

My sister and I found a tiny little flat that I can afford by myself on my salary.  The housing market has just gone crazy here in the last couple of years and I’ve felt squeezed out of it to an extent.  The vendor accepted my offer, the bank has approved finance and it’s with the lawyers now.

And all I keep thinking is that I’ll be poor… I’ll be poor…

Now for my next mission: to snare cool housewarming gifts.


Claiming in the name of…. something.

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Now for my next magic trick. To add this to the sidebar.

A knife… where?

Knife lodged in face ‘felt like a punch’

I love reading the crime news pages, especially on (although this link wasn’t from there) .  Just to see who’s been sentenced to prison this week hehe.  But I’m still baffled about how this one could happen.  I’m sure that if there was knife embedded in my face I’d know about it straight away…

First post

Let’s see how this goes. 🙂